I create high quality designs to requirements, ensuring they are creative and pushing boundaries.

I am a planner and a manager.
I get things done effectively.


I can create amazing graphic and digital designs. View some of my digital skills below.

Logos and branding

Logos seen by a glance, need to be distinctive and trustworthy. I can create a great concept and bring great execution to your new logo design.

I can also create branding from scratch or refresh a brand, including strategy meeting to understand your brand and goals.

Responsive websites

Designing a wide range of websites from small microsites to heavily populated sites. Using best practices and following accessibility guides, I can create seamless website experiences focusing on the user journey, keeping the user engaged.

Email templates

Responsive emails work well for the growing amount of mobile users. I can design emails that display well on both desktop and mobile devices with the constraints of emails in mind.


When you have a lot of data or information, you can get across these facts in an infographic. It utilises the facts with visualisations, meaning users see patterns and trends.

Social media and google ads

Promoting your business, I can re-energise your social media headers, create engaging posts, or create gifs to catch the attention of users.


Conveying information to an audience through printed materials.

Leaflets, posters and brochures

Great for promoting events, product launches and more. I can create an eye-catching design, while keeping print guidelines in mind, e.g a brochure has to have 4, 8 or 12 pages.

Datasheets and annual reports

Displaying information in an effective and digestible way is very important when designing documents full of important information.

Roller banners

They are great for exhibitions and are very useful as they are transportable. I make sure content is at an accessible reading height and images are suitable sizes. I communicate with printers to make sure the process goes smoothly.


Filming and editing including film shoots in the UK and overseas in France, Portugal and Ireland.


Setting up on location, planning angles, creating sequences. Managing the project and people.


Editing the footage into a flowing video on Adobe Premiere Pro. Creating professional logo stings, fixing audio on Adobe Audition and choosing suitable background music.


From storyboard to final product.


Creating animations on Adobe After Effects. Beforehand, creating a suitable storyboard as a sketch and/or digitally. Making sure the animation is engaging with things moving all the time, including adding sound effects, voice overs and subtitles.


View my portfolio to see some of these skills in action