I have considerable experience designing for a range of sectors including: technology, property, travel, education, arts and industrial companies. I am professional and confident, managing my workflow to tight deadlines while also managing others. I am a leader in best practice and process and eager to learn new skills and adapt to new challenges.

Here are some examples of my work

1. Website design for a technology company

User-friendly website design that pushes the boundaries of the brand. This project included twelve custom designed pages, including four different forms to suit the needs of different users.

2. An informative animation for a cloud-based company

This informative animation kept the viewer’s attention by keeping the animation in time with the music, using sound effects and always having something happening on the screen.

3. Promotional campaign for an educational company

These materials came together from a collaborative meeting on the strapline “Master Modern Medicine” and the use of colours (blue and yellow graphics with a diagonal line). The campaign sold many more books than the previous year.

4. Success story video for a software company

I take the lead on video shoots, doing a recce, setting up the audio and camera equipment, filming B-roll and directing the clients. After the film shoot, the footage is edited on Premiere Pro to make a high quality success story.

Check out more designs in my portfolio