The problem

Family members and carers needed an improved user experience to find useful information across all materials.

The brief

Update materials and design new additions to improve the engagement across all channels and install a system to allow the charity to follow this process.

The process

I used a project plan to track the project status and timings. I also used it to effectively plan my time.

The branding

  • Light blue was very important. It is well established and users recognise it.
  • There was great, recently taken, professional photography available to be used.
  • The tagline needed to be more prominent on social media channels.

Design thinking

When producing this design work I always kept in mind the user, who wants fast information, and how the charity team can use what I create in the long term.

Some design examples

1. Icons

I designed the icons to align with the style of the main logo. The icons feature unbalanced edges to make a unique style. I presented the icons to the team and they gave me great feedback. Now the final icons are widely being used over a range of materials.

2. Website

I used my previous specialist website knowledge to help the team produce an engaging website. This ranged from explaining user accessibility guidelines to best practices of using different font sizes on a webpage.

3. Social media

I refreshed the social media channels with:

  • A new header that included a photo, tag-line and the logo
  • Improved the logo on social media by adding the charity’s name abbreviated underneath it. I also inverted the colours to white on blue so the logo stands out in both day and night mode.
  • New templates for social media posts. These are now used by the charity’s team and receive many more engagements than past posts with no images.

4. Animations

I designed explainer animations to help new users understand the charity. I animated the new icons, and used a voice-over and background music to make it come alive.

5. Annual report

I designed the annual report to make it engaging to read. The charity was really impressed with the final report.

The charity was very impressed with all my work and the new designs help new and existing users understand the charity and get the help they need.