The problem

The charity wanted to make their brand established and reach more users.

The brief

Design new materials to promote what the charity does and help fundraising. Also to look over existing materials and suggest any suitable design updates.

The process

I started the process by looking at the current branding and seeing what could be improved on. I then gave recommendations to the charity. These recommendations were incorporated in the new design materials I made, such as the logo refresh, an explainer animation, social media posts and a medal design.

Design examples

1. Logo refresh

I designed the icons to align with the style of the main logo. The icons feature unbalanced edges to make a unique style. I presented the icons to the team and they gave me great frontline feedback. I updated the icons accordingly. Now the icons are being widely used over a range of materials.

2. Animation

I designed an explainer animation on Adobe After Effects. I used simple icons to explain the charity’s goal. I also used a voice-over and background music. Once the animation was complete I made a 30 second and a 15 second cut for use on social media ads.

3. Social media

I designed some social media posts for a campaign.

  • The frame was to put photos of people doing their virtual run.
  • The other post promoted the event beforehand.

4. Medal design

This medal design goes with the social media posts above. It uses the same graphics arranged aesthetically into the medal’s round design.

Overall the charity loved my designs and are excited to use the videos alongside their new website.