Case study example

Designing new logos for two community events.

The problem

The client needed logos for their new community events.

The user

  • Lives locally
  • Wants to understand what the two groups do and then decide to come along to an event
  • The users come from a wide range of backgrounds

Design guidelines

  • Concepts needed to connect to the outdoors
  • The design had to be simple but fun 
  • Needed to use the colours yellow and blue


I brainstormed ideas.

I started with the client’s ideas of connecting them to the outdoors with objects such as leaves and boots and drew every idea that came to mind. While sketching, I was aware that I was making two logos so I wanted them to look similar.

I showed the client my favourite three designs below first, and then showed her all my ideas (above) to see if anything could be swapped around. This worked really well to pin down three concepts that I would create on Adobe Illustrator.

Initial concepts

I produced the logo ideas digitally. I used the clients brand colours and used different font sizes to see which was preferred.

I presented these to the client, who then talked over them with her colleagues. They loved the flowers and wondered if I could somehow incorporate the 4 events from the circles in them. They also loved the clip board as it was very close to what they really do on events.

Second version

The designs were easy to update to the clients vision and they work really well together.


The last concern was whether their brand yellow was a bit too light. I created the colour chart below and we chose to use a darker yellowy-gold colour for the final design.

Final design

I organised my final design files ready to send to the client. I saved out the logos in different sizes for the client including negative versions. I also put in a vector version so printers can use these files for bigger print jobs with no pixelation.


The logos work really well together and separately and both have an outdoorsy feel. The client loved the whole process and was very happy with the designs.