The problem

The client’s website was out of date. It did not show images or media very well so this was a priority to update. I had to focus on the user experience and user interface of each component to make a modern, easy to use website.

Design guidelines

  • Must align to the brand guidelines.
  • Design needs to be responsive across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.
  • Design must be intuitive to the user.

Example: Redesigning the carousel

Wire-framing – Sketches

To reflect what was currently in trend, I created some sketches that focussed on new layouts to increase interaction with the images. These sketches also included the other features the carousel needed such as video and VR.

Wire-framing – High fidelity

The client was happy with the wire-frame sketches so I then created high fidelity wireframes to show the design in real scale.


Lastly, I created the real design in Photoshop to the approval of the client.


Going through these steps for each part of the website design made sure the design focused on the best way to display each section of information to the user. Both myself and the client were very pleased with the result and it improved engagement dramatically.