Laura Johnson
Senior Graphic Designer

Passionate about designing and overseeing powerful, inspiring and user-friendly creative solutions. In-depth- knowledge of graphic design, styling and layout techniques while efficiently managing people and projects. Currently designing for a number of companies.
I am available for freelance, agency, or in-house roles.

My design process

schedule planning startup launching

Scope and research

What problem am I solving, why is it important, and who is the user? Making observations from research, analytics and insights. Taking into account both the business goals and user needs.

white printer paper

Ideate and test

How could the solution look? Creating quick designs; sketching, wireframes, and storyboards. Refining these ideas into detailed, intuitive, on brand final designs while testing and getting user feedback.

person holding blue and clear ballpoint pen

Launching and measuring

Is the design to the correct dimensions? Is the design file suitable for others to use? How can this be improved upon? Revisiting the designs and improving the user experience for sign-off.


“Wow. All I can say is wow. Thank you so much! This process has been so collaborative, you have been so wonderful and the final products are amazing.”


“Laura has been a star and managed to turn this creative around for you today. Thanks Laura!”


“First impression: LOVE it!”


“These will do perfectly, I love your choice of colours and design work.”